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This is the first step of the analysis at local and municipal level.

Figure: The steps to analyse the potentials for excess heat and renewable energy are highlighted in the Toolchain above.

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Analysis of potentials for excess heat and renewable energy in the identified regions with potential interest for district heating

In this step, the potentials for excess heat and renewable energy in the regions that have been identified as potentially interesting areas for district heating, can be analysed. These data together with the data on heat demand and heat demand density in the regions collected in the previous step can then be used to characterise representative district heating areas for further analysis steps. The following list gives an overview of the heat sources that should be taken into account and links to the default data for the respective energy source, which is available in the Hotmaps database:

The following figure shows this procedure graphically and shows the various data sources and calculation modules that can be used.

Figure: Identification of different representative, typical cases for district heating (Step 1).

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Marcus Hummel, Giulia Conforto, in Hotmaps-Wiki, Guidelines for using the Hotmaps toolbox for analyses at local level (August 2020)

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This page was written by Marcus Hummel and Giulia Conforto (e-think).

☑ This page was reviewed by Mostafa Fallahnejad (EEG - TU Wien).

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We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Horizon 2020 Hotmaps Project (Grant Agreement number 723677), which provided the funding to carry out the present investigation.

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