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Data collection

Hotmaps provides a large array of open data sets. The data has been provided by default for the entire EU28 countries with the aim to support local, regional and national heating and cooling (H&C) planning. Hotmaps data sets provide data for various categories including:

  • Building stock analysis;
  • Space heating, cooling and domestic hot water demand;
  • Climate context;
  • Industrial processes;
  • Heating and cooling supply;
  • Renewable energy sources data collection and potential review;
  • Hourly load profiles;
  • Electricity system module and
  • Transport.

All the approaches for data collection and analysis in the different sectors (i.e. residential, service, industry and transportation sectors) are described in this report [1].

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[1] Simon Pezzutto, Stefano Zambotti, Silvia Croce, Pietro Zambelli, Giulia Garegnani, Chiara Scaramuzzino, Ramón Pascual Pascuas, Alyona Zubaryeva, Franziska Haas, Dagmar Exner (EURAC), Andreas Müller (e‐think), Michael Hartner (TUW), Tobias Fleiter, Anna‐Lena Klingler, Matthias Kühnbach, Pia Manz, Simon Marwitz, Matthias Rehfeldt, Jan Steinbach, Eftim Popovski (Fraunhofer ISI) Reviewed by Lukas Kranzl, Sara Fritz (TUW); Online Access

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How to cite

Mostafa Fallahnejad, in Hotmaps-Wiki, Hotmaps-open-data-set-data-collection (May 2019)

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Authors and reviewers

This page was written by Mostafa Fallahnejad (EEG - TU Wien).

☑ This page was reviewed by Marcus Hummel (e-think)

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Copyright © 2016-2019: Mostafa Fallahnejad

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 International License.

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We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Horizon 2020 Hotmaps Project (Grant Agreement number 723677), which provided the funding to carry out the present investigation.

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